Multitone Gold Capsules

Vitamin A 2500IU + VitaminB1 1mg + VitaminB2 1.5mg + Niacinamide 10mg + Calcium Pantothenate 5mg + VitaminB6 1mg + Vitamin B12 1mcg + VitaminC 50mg + VitaminD3 200IU + Vitamin E Acetate 5mg + Folic Acid 0.15mg + Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Available Calcium 75mg + Dibasic Calcium Phosphorous Available Phosphorous 58mg + Ferrous Fumarate 30mg + Zinc Oxide Elemental Zinc 10mg + Magnesium Oxide Heavy Available Magnesium 3mg + Potassium Sulphate Available Potassium 2mg + Copper Sulphate Anhydrous to Avaiable Coper 0.5mg + Potassium Iodide Available Iodine 0.1mg + Ginseng Dry Extract (Highly Concentrated Standardized to 212.5mg Root of Panax Gingeng) 42.5mg Capsules

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Pack size:10*10